Exhaust Systems

As well as manufacturing our own exhaust systems in-house, we can also supply and fit a huge range of exhaust components from aftermarket suppliers for all makes and models. Your vehicle's performance relies heavily on its exhaust, and torque and horsepower can often be increased with an aftermarket system for your vehicle. To find out more about the exhaust brands we stock visit our products page. For a quote on a new exhaust for your car or four-wheel drive, contact us today.

4x4 Accessories

With a huge variety of top quality accessories always in stock, we've got you covered at Fast Fit. Whether you're after 4x4 suspension, snorkels, winches, canopies, bull bars, tow bars, roof racks or any other four-wheel drive accessory, we can source it for you and fit it if needed. All the brands that we supply come with a warranty and are known for their quality and reliability when you're out on the road or off road. To find out more or to arrange a quote on accessories, contact us today.

Lighting and Electrical

At Fast Fit we have a huge range of LED light bars, work lights, LED driving lights, dual battery systems, trailer braking systems and electrical accessories with brands such as Light Force, Great White, Narva, Iconic, Redarc and Hayman Reese. Whether it's driving lights or dual battery systems, we can supply and fit in a timely and professional manner. To find out more, or for an assessment of your vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Steering and Suspension

Your vehicle's steering and suspension have a direct impact on how it handles on and off-road. We can supply and fit after-market suspension, lift kits, and much more for a wide range of makes and models. We can also service and repair different suspension components to get your vehicle handling as the factory intended it to. To find out more or to arrange a quote on repair, contact us today.


Under-performing brakes  can be dangerous on and off-road. We can service and repair your brakes to get your vehicle stopping safely. We use high quality pads and rotors in our repairs to ensure optimal longevity and reliability. If your vehicle is in need of brake repairs, or you'd like an assessment, contact us.

Diesel Chips and Tuning

The  expert team at Fast Fit can supply and fit chips to optimise power for diesel vehicles . These power chips get the most out of your electronic fuel injection system for maximum torque and horsepower. If you'd like a quote on a diesel chip for your vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Vehicle Servicing

Having your vehicle  regularly serviced  by an experienced mechanic ensures that it is always running its best,  and that any worn or damaged components are identified and can be replaced before causing inconvenient break-downs and costly repairs further down the track. Our team will comprehensively assess your vehicle during the service while also performing routine service tasks to keep your vehicle operating as reliably as possible. To book your vehicle in for a service, contact us today.